[Ndca-l] NDCA wiki

Tara Tate ttate
Sun Apr 12 01:34:22 EDT 2009

The wiki is back up and running.  http://wiki.debatecoaches.org

This is also a great time to remind directors to please have their students update their wiki information before the NDCA and the TOC.  A lot of coaches are finding that some of these pages have not been updated in months.

If you could direct your kiddos to please go to their pages and update latest plan texts, Aff add-ons, recently read Neg arguments, that would be great.  Listing something at the top of the page that indicates it has been updated (such as the date of the update or something like Pre-NDCA Championships Update) would be fantastic.

Thanks for your patience as we undergo changes at debatecoaches.org.


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