[Ndca-l] [NDCA] TOC Judging Commitments - Expected Norm?

James B. Wakefield james.wakefield
Sat Apr 11 21:40:17 EDT 2009

Thank you so much for understanding our situation.?  You know in all these
years I've been 

playing this game I've never qualified two teams and didn't really even
think about the judging requirement.
So many people have been really nice in trying to help?  us out

We haven't worked anything out with anyone yet although we're not short on
offers.?  It's a budget thing as every

penny was frozen Jan 1.?  If there are rounds that could be tossed in to
leave us with one hired judge, we'd appreciate it.?  We'll still do the
best we can!
Stefan Bauschard <[ mailto:stefan.bauschard at gmail.com
]stefan.bauschard at gmail.com> writes:
One thing that could help is to try to donate many of the extra rounds
that people inevitably give anyhow? toward programs that really need those
rounds instead of just "to the tournament."
One of the ones that stands out is Ft. Lauderdale, who doesn't have anyone
listed, and who I know is always trying to cover their judging.?  ? 
I'm going to be at the TOC, and wasn't planning on judging, but I'll put
myself in for two rounds credited to them.? ?  Any other takers??  Anyone
(else) struggling to cover their judging within their available
resources??  Maybe people who are donating rounds "to the tournament" will
donate them to you.
Doing this does to some degree limit the "surplus' of rounds, but as
Nicole points out, it is already awfully high. 

Nicole wrote:
I will say, however, that I retract my opinion entirely if bumping it up
to two rounds per person would these extra rounds help "cover" schools
that have a tough time covering their judging requirement by sparing them
the expense of flying out a second person to cover two teams, covering for
underfunded schools, etc.?  

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