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Jeffrey Miller jmiller
Thu Apr 30 11:45:05 EDT 2009

Two days until the Tournament of Champions begin in Lexington!

Some of you are aware of the TOC Scoreboard we put up in mid-March.  That
site (toc.bluetubd.com) will be a prime location this weekend for all your
TOC news.  Although we are mainly policy coverage, I will try and sneak over
to the campuses to provide minor coverage of the events.  PFDebate.com and
Victory Briefs will probably be providing TOC Coverage of LD & PF.

With the gracious support of jon sharp and Roger Solt, we will have Policy
TOC pairings available almost immediately after they are released.

We?ve also received permission from the TOC Tab Room directors to push
forward with our intel gathering plans and record sharing.  I wanted to take
this time and share with you what we have planned for this weekend so we can
make this one of the best TOC?s ever.

For intel gathering, we?ve established a crew of almost ten scouts.  In an
effort to not disrupt prepping or judging, the scouts will not necessarily
be asking for cites ? more so just argument content details.  As of right
now, these reports and content details will be posted here:
http://toc.bluetubd.com/argument-headquarters/ and a carbon copy at the NDCA

Our idea is that if a coach sees something they want cites to, they can
email the respective coach and/or leave a comment on the blog and we can get
cites for the specific argument posted to the NDCA wiki as soon as possible.

If you have scouts attending the TOC, we?d love their information as well
and if they could shoot me an email at jmiller [at] gaforensics [dot] com ?
we?d all appreciate it.

For record sharing, we will be continuing what I started last year and
consolidating a list of records after every round full of every teams
wins/losses.  Since technology is fantastic and ever increasing, we?re going
to try and limit the number of times the crew runs around round by round and
asks.   We will be using Twitter to help us save time / energy. After
watching Andy Ellis use Twitter for NDT Coverage- I realized how great a
tool it can be.

We will be posting a little how to guide to Twitter hopefully later this
afternoon- essentially you will need a log in name and you can set up your
device options to send you updates via text messaging (standard rates apply)
or just follow the web for the constant updates.  The main twitter we will
be using this weekend is based at: http://twitter.com/bluetub

When using twitter, we ask you to please use the following ?hashtag? in your
post- ?#toc2009.?  By using this hashtag, you can then find all TOC related
posts at: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23toc2009

I will start testing the twitter tomorrow in my approach to Lexington.

We are excited for this weekend as you probably are as well.  I will be
posting on the twitter our ?base? for coverage.  If you can?t stop by, I?ll
be that guy in the *bluetub* shirts every day ? just stop me from whatever
I?m doing-- I?d love to meet all of you!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to shoot me an
email- I will be checking the email nonstop all weekend.


Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller
Director of Operations, Georgia Forensics Daily & bluetub
Debate Coach, Fayette County High School
Email: jmiller at gaforensics.com
Phone: 404-514-8002
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