[Ndca-l] Announcing the 2009 NFL Nationals Code Sharing Project

Jeffrey Miller jmiller
Mon Jun 8 13:42:59 EDT 2009

Hi everyone!

Georgia Forensics & bluetub will be organizing this year's NFL Nationals
Policy Debate Code Sharing Project. If you would like to participate, please
send an email to jmiller at gaforensics.com with the following information:

1. The School You Are Affiliated With
2. Your Position With The School (Debater/Coach)

If you choose to participate, I'd like to thank you in advance for
participating in the NFL Nationals code share list.  It will be my goal to
make this as successful as possible to help you in your debates this week.
Some information follows:

A lot of people are not aware of the code list still, so I'm asking for your
help!  Encourage others in your district or others
you know attending Nationals to share their code with the code list!

I say encourage because this is completely voluntary.  Remind the wary  that
this is not a caselist.  A lot of people confuse this code share as a case
list.  Code sharing is advantageous for a couple of reasons.   When you know
who you are debating, you can see what region they are from to tell what
style of debate you may have.  It's helpful to know before the round if
you're about to debate a critical team or a stock issue team.  By sharing
your code throughout the week, you'll be put  on an email list that sends
out emails multiple times a day updating all the codes we know.

On Sunday at registration, your coaches will receive your code for the
weekend.  After your coach gives your code, please email it to me ASAP.  I
will start sending out the list at 5:00pm MST.  Debaters --  please get this
from your coach as soon as possible on Sunday.

I want to discourage people from revealing others' codes without their
permission before the tournament begins.  However throughout the tournament,
you start to figure out codes yourself.   I will not take any involuntary
disclosure of codes until Monday after the debates have started.

Involuntary code disclosure means sometimes teams can be on an uneven
playing field.  Also, if people share the code list with their friends
(let's say Main Street HS), who choose not to participate, then their
friends know they are debating Bellarmine, who is on the code list, but the
opposition (the Bellarmine debaters who listed themselves on  the code list
assuming it was reciprocal) has no clue who they are debating, or that their
opponents from Main Street HS got their codes and have been prepping against
them without reciprocal knowledge.

The code list will remain private until elimination rounds are posted.
Until then, the only way to access the list will be via email from me.
 During elimination rounds, I will continue emails, but I will  also be
posting the list on Georgia Forensics Daily
(gaforensics.com). On Sunday when you receive your code, remember to email
it to me as soon as possible so we can get the list started and circulated.
 If your hotel does not have email, you can call me on my cell ?
404-514-8002.  If I cannot answer the call, just leave a voicemail with your

Good luck to all participating and let's make this code share project a
great success!

Jeffrey Miller
Director of Operations, Georgia Forensics Daily
Assistant Director of Debate, Fayette County High School
Treasurer, Georgia Forensics Coaches Association
Email: jmiller at gaforensics.com
Phone: 404-514-8002
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