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This opportunity was forwarded to me by another teacher at MBA. Thought
maybe some of y'all might be interested in it.

Enjoy the summer!
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Dear Educator,

If you haven't already had the opportunity to sign up for our FREE 2009 DVD,
we'd like to encourage you to place your order now!

This new DVD -- the 2009 Edition -- includes 8 specially-selected segments
from 20/20 for use in your classroom, on the topics of Global Warming
Debate, Federal Spending, "Running" the Country, Debt and Responsibility,
Prediction Markets, Swimming and Lawsuits, Healthcare and Profit, and Costs
of "Free" Healthcare.

Teachers say my free classroom DVDs excite students:

"John Stossel's 'Stossel in the Classroom' series is simply wonderful! My
students have created classroom debates with the issues he covers. We break
into teams, research the topic by polling people in our community, finding
articles on the Internet, and use prior knowledge to form the foundation for
each side's argument. The students have so much fun."
-- Barbara Tilt, USA Highschool, Michigan

For more information about this TOTALLY FREE DVD, including segment
descriptions, or to place your order, please click the link below or paste
it into your browser:

Feel free to forward this email to other teachers who might appreciate this

John Stossel

P.S. If you have trouble accessing our site, you can place your order or ask
for more information by replying to this email.

We apologize if this offer is not of interest to you.
If you prefer not to receive email from us again,
please CLICK THIS LINK TO UNSUBSCRIBE from future emails:

Stossel in the Classroom is a project of The Center for Independent Thought
73 Spring Street, Suite 408, New York, NY 10012
Email: custsvc at stosselintheclassroom.org
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