[Ndca-l] Submit your lesson plans

Tara Tate TTATE
Tue May 19 00:42:39 EDT 2009

The NDCA website is continually expanding their lesson plan and curriculum resources for coaches both in and out of the classroom.  We currently have materials on Policy Debate, LD Debate, Public Forum Debate, Student Congress, Public Speaking (for those of us teaching Communications/Public Speaking), Extemporaneous Speaking, and Argumentation Theory.  We also have a section on Squad Management and Administrative Tools, such as sample syllabi, squad rules, sample permission slips, etc.

If you have not checked us out, visit the "Resources" tab at http://www.debatecoaches.org.  You will see hundreds of activities, lectures, and worksheets.  Jenny Heidt has submitted her first month of PowerPoint lectures for her novice debate class...there is a multi-week Current Event unit on Poverty...several activities for various types of debate theory...even some lesson plans in Spanish!

We are asking for folks to submit their resources to our community project.  It is that time of the year where folks are "cleaning their e-files".  Please send along any materials to Tara that can be useful to someone else.  Summer is the time where a lot of us are engaged in curriculum projects so we hope to continue to add over the summer.

Take five minutes and email me your lesson plans!


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