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 *2009 Langan Invitational @ Scranton High School [November 6-8, 2009]*
*Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 2009 Langan Invitational @ Scranton High School
on November 6-8, 2009*

*#5* ? *College Fair*? We?re currently in consultation with many of the
Northeast?s Finest colleges/universities about hosting a college fair for
all students on Saturday afternoon. This will give students a chance to talk
to recruiters from these post-secondary institutions and is uniquely
beneficial for juniors and seniors who are still making up their minds where
they want to go to school.

*#4* ? *Great Hospitality* - We are committed to providing one of the most
hospitable tournaments in the country. As they say in The Office - "There
ain't no party like a Scranton Party, cuz a Scranton Party don't Stop!" On
that note ? we will provide free social events, for both coaches and
students, at the tournament hotel. Also, all meals, for competitors and
coaches, will be provided by the tournament.

*#3* ? *Full Service Tournament *? As of late, the tradition of hosting full
service tournaments has been declining. Historically the Scranton High
School program values a focus on novice competition. To that extent, we'll
provide both varsity and novice divisions in all speech, debate, and
congress events.

*#2* ? *National Quality Tab Rooms* ? Scranton High School has over a 40
year ?Tradition of Excellence? in Speech and Debate. We are committed to
providing a national caliber tournament experience at a regional level. To
fulfill this goal we have secured the assistance of two nationally reputable
*high school* tab directors. Stefan Bauschard (Lakeland HS/Harvard Debate)
will be the policy tab room director. He currently directs the policy tab
room at both the Lakeland and Harvard High School tournaments. Jon Cruz
(Bronx High School of Science/Victory Briefs) will be the Lincoln-Douglas
tab room director. He currently directs the LD tab room at both the Bronx
High School of Science and Victory Briefs tournaments annually.

*#1* ? *Low Cost Entry Fees* - $10/participant is amongst the most
inexpensive tournaments held in the United States. Included in this cost are
all meals and events for students and coaches. In conjunction with this, I
am aggressively seeking grants from local government to bring the fees to $0
and provide a free tournament experience for all who attend.

You can find our flyer here [

Here is an excerpt --

The Scranton High School Speech and Debate team cordially invites you to the
newly expanded 2009 Langan Invitational Tournament this November!

Our 3-day extended format will maximize regional attendance and competitive
success early in your season. The Speech, Congress, L-D, and P-F events will
all finish Saturday evening. We anticipate that the policy semis and finals
will be held on Sunday, depending on the final numbers.

Programs from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania,
including Lexington, Bronx High School of Science, Hendrick Hudson,
Lakeland, Newburgh, and Holy Ghost Prep have already committed to attend.

We are devoted to creating an inexpensive tournament experience, and
accordingly, all meals will be provided. While we are still finalizing our
budget, we anticipate the full cost, including all of the meals, to be no
more than $10/participant. *We are even aggressively working to make the
tournament free!!*.

Both students and coaches can expect to enjoy free special events at the
tournament hotel. We look forward to you joining us in Scranton in November.
I am actively working on providing a college fair of Northeast Universities
for all competitors on Saturday afternoon.

A comprehensive tournament invitation can be found at
www.joyoftournaments.com by June 1, 2009. Please hold a spot for us on your
2009-2010 tournament schedules.

Any questions regarding the tournament can be directed to
Langan.Invitational at gmail.com

Brian Manuel
Asst Debate Coach - Chattahoochee High School
Asst Debate Coach - Harvard Debate
Research/Advertising - Planet Debate Inc.
Writer/Blogger - PoliticsArguments.com
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