[Ndca-l] Debate Materials for Superintendent Meeting

Brian Manuel clariondebate
Thu May 28 13:40:50 EDT 2009

I am meeting with the Superintendent for the Scranton Schools on June 1 and
would like to have some information on:

A. The Value of Debate/Forensics
B. Famous Debaters
C. Bullets on why funding streams for programs are good

I am not sure if any of the directors now have had to put this together.  If
so, I'd love to be able to share some of your information with him.

If you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.  Please respond to
clariondebate at gmail.com.

Thanks in advance,

Brian Manuel
Asst Debate Coach - Chattahoochee High School
Asst Debate Coach - Harvard Debate
Research/Advertising - Planet Debate Inc.
Writer/Blogger - PoliticsArguments.com
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