[Ndca-l] Results of the Ethics Statement voting

Speer, Mike SpeerMik
Tue Nov 3 15:13:59 EST 2009

While reasonable people can certainly disagree, the Ethics Statement
seemed like a pretty gentle nudge in the direction of some community
norms on these important matters. 

If the NDCA members are concerned about the potential chaos of
unfettered democracy, maybe a rule requiring 60 percent approval of
respondents would an appropriate compromise. 

I am not completely convinced that the majority of the 90 members who
did not vote intended their "non-vote" to be counted as a "no."

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I feel the 60% threshold should be directly repealed.

If America maintained this voting threshold, we would have lapsed into  
anarchy long ago.

many members of the Ndca are not very participatory.  this is fine.   
It just shouldn't be a block on ever doing anything.

Of course, I am not sure how you can repeal the rule absent 60%  

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On Nov 3, 2009, at 2:32 PM, "Tara  Tate" <ttate at glenbrook.k12.il.us>  

> The NDCA Ethics Statement failed to receive 60% approval of the  
> membership body.  At the time elections were closed, the NDCA had  
> 122 members.  74 "yes" votes were needed to pass.
> 32 members did vote in the process.  Of those that did choose to  
> vote, 28 voted yes and 4 voted no.
> We will be starting a discussion the NDCA listserv about possible  
> amendments to the document (if the body feels like a statement is  
> necessary) and a discussion about the 60% threshold.  The discussion  
> will just be some informal dialogue about how the membership wishes  
> to proceed on this issue (or to proceed at all).
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