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Nicole Serrano nicole.serrano
Mon Apr 12 11:37:05 EDT 2010


Just a reminder that your ballots are due by tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6pm
CST. The nominees are
______ Bill Batterman, Marquette University High School (WI)
______ Stefan Bauschard, Lakeland High School (NY)
______ Maggie Berthiaume, Chattahoochee High School (GA)
______ Jon Cruz, The Bronx High School of Science (NY)
______ Jenny Heidt, Westminster Schools (GA)
______ Bruce Miller, Bishop Guertin (NH)
______ Aaron Timmons, the Greenhill School (TX)
______ Ken Strange, Dartmouth College (NH)

I've put the statements at the bottom of this email to avoid
attachment issues. NDCA members can vote just by emailing me, so no
need to send a document.

Thanks and hope to see you this weekend in Washington, D.C.!
Nicole Serrano


Please choose one of the following nominees for the NDCA?s Educator of
the Year.  Individual members (both annual and lifetime) and
Institutional Members all receive a vote.  Please return the ballot
via email to Nicole at nicole.serrano at gmail.com by Tuesday, April 13
by 6:00 pm CST.  Nominees are listed in alphabetical order.

The Educator of the Year award is intended for an individual who has
made a substantial impact on the high school debate community through
their service, commitment, and teaching.  Not merely a teacher or
coach to their own students, this individual should truly define what
it means to be an educator to the community at large. The NDCA?s goal
is to strengthen the ability of coaches, across all regions and styles
of debate, with a meaningful learning experience for their debaters.

2009 ? Glenda Ferguson, Coppell High School (TX)
2008 ? Tara Tate, Glenbrook South HS (IL)
2006 ? Frank Seaver, Woodward Academy (GA)
2004 ? Ted Belch, Glenbrook North HS (IL)

Your Name _____________________________________    School

The Nominees are
______ Bill Batterman, Marquette University High School (WI)
______ Stefan Bauschard, Lakeland High School (NY)
______ Maggie Berthiaume, Chattahoochee High School (GA)
______ Jon Cruz, The Bronx High School of Science (NY)
______ Jenny Heidt, Westminster Schools (GA)
______ Bruce Miller, Bishop Guertin (NH)
______ Aaron Timmons, the Greenhill School (TX)
______ Ken Strange, Dartmouth College (NH)

Their nominating statements are below

Name _____________________________________    School _________________________

______Bill Batterman, Marquette University High School (WI)
Bill exemplifies the qualities of a true educator more so than any
other member of the debate community. He genuinely attempts to better
the community in every way possible. Recently, he judged me at the
Illinois state tournament and was willing to sit and discuss other
extraneous arguments for as long as I wanted to. He seeks to create a
better debate community and influence its practices. He has had a
positive effect on the community at large and he cares about students
growing as people and as intellectuals. He is always willing to have
long involved discussions about various different arguments. In my
opinion, no other judge comes across to be as genuine as he is. He
isn't one of those judges who cant wait to leave to smoke a cigarette,
rather he is a  judge who carefully deliberates about each part of the
debate. Bill doesn't solely care about winning or other selfish goals,
instead he seeks to create a community which is beneficial to debaters
as a whole. Bill should be rewarded for his selflessness, his care,
his altruism and his desire to do good for an activity that he is
passionate about.
Bill Batterman deserves to be the Educator of the Year because his
service to the debate community overall has been extensive and
meaningful in three areas: online communication, hand-on
coaching/teaching, and amassing statistical data.
Despite being a young coach, he cares about the overall community to a
great extent as demonstrated by his efforts to found the 3NR debate
blog.  This website discusses important issues in the community and is
now followed all over the country by high school students and coaches.
 I have used posts on the website as teaching tools to discuss several
issues from debate theory to evidence quality to competitive ethics.
Additionally, I have witnessed Batterman's giving pedagogical spirit
first-hand while teaching with him this past summer.  Batterman would
stay after general lab sessions to do in-depth speaking sessions with
the Sophomores in the lab.  He was never too tired to help a student
improve his/her clarity or speed.  While many debate coaches work at
debate camps over the summer, Batterman had a attitude about helping
the students that was unrelenting and constantly giving.  He is an
unselfish person and the students appreciated his work ethic and
general caring about the community.
Lastly, Batterman has amassed historical knowledge about the community
that is invaluable to its future. Knowing the history of this
community and the activity is essential to its growth; ignoring this
history may lead to its demise.  Because Batterman believes that
empirical data is critical to understanding the activity, he publishes
this history as well as statistical information about the community to
educate coaches and students around the country.  Very few people want
to spend the time collecting this data and it is rare person who has
the patience and enough concern for the overall community to dedicate
his time to such efforts.  We as a community should recognize and
reward those people because they ultimately provide us with the
necessary tools to advocate for our teams.

______Stefan Bauschard, Lakeland High School (NY)
Stefan's presence in the high school community is one of constant
service. He has crafted our resolutions, mentored our coaches, judged
late elimination rounds, run tab rooms, wrote handbooks, and hosted
many tournaments. He has also put together a bid and is hosting the
2011 NFL himself in Dallas. Perhaps most impressively, he embodies the
ideas of being an educator to an entire community  by hosting a free
debate tournament. No registration fees,  yet every competitor is feed
three full meals and hundreds are housed.  It is hard to imagine a way
to more fully commit a team and school district to helping the larger
debate community than to cover the entire cost of a national

______ Maggie Berthiaume, Chattahoochee High School (GA)
Along with her meaningful and substantial service for the
Chattahoochee Debate Team, Ms. Berthiaume is also an active and
involved member of the broader debate community. As the interim Vice
President of the National Debate Coaches Association, her commitment
to the activity and to its participants is well known and well
displayed. She often writes informative blog posts for the NDCA
website concerning topics ranging from Electronic Research Tips and
Tools to information about the upcoming NDCA tournament. In addition
to her commitment to the NDCA website itself, she spent an
extraordinary amount of time uploading files to its Open Evidence
Project. The bulk of the briefs on the website were made available as
products of her commitment. This time consuming process resulted in a
helpful database of files available to all members of the debate
community. Many teams, including our own, would find research much
more difficult without this crucial resource.
Every year since high school, Ms. Berthiaume has taught at debate
camps in order to enrich the learning experience of current debaters.
Outside of her official duties and roles, Ms. Berthiaume is also known
to encourage community spirit by connecting with former ?labbies? and
exchanging candy or stories with them. She makes herself as available
for help and information as possible by being, for most debaters, ?the
first line of defense? for any potential questions regarding the NDCA
or the activity.
Ms. Berthiaume?s commitment is hardly limited to the national debate
circuit. Even at the local level, she displays an unprecedented
dedication to improving the activity by participating in various
activities to help emerging debate programs succeed in Georgia. She
assists new coaches and debate programs through the 2009-2010 Georgia
Mentoring Program. Last summer, she hosted a mini-camp at
Chattahoochee to reach out to rising 9th graders and other debaters
who were unable to attend camp due to time constraints or financial
reasons, providing them with a basic foundation of debate knowledge,
evidence briefs, and multiple practice debates and drills. At the
expense of some lost coaching time for her own debaters, she
graciously ran the tab room at the second annual Autumn Argument held
at Sequoyah High School in Canton, GA and helped in maximizing the
efficiency and timeliness of the tournament.
One of the major problems facing Georgia debate programs is the
expense of tournaments and the lack of convenient tournaments on the
local circuit. To remedy this situation, Ms. Berthiaume organized and
hosted the ?NoFu (short for North Fulton) Jamboree," which provided a
unique learning opportunity for younger debaters by allowing them to
simulate a tournament-like experience, except at no cost. After school
one day, neighboring schools came by for two practice rounds. Varsity
debaters judged these practice rounds and offered helpful and
insightful comments for the younger debaters.
In addition to her outstanding work for the entire debate community,
Ms. Berthiaume also leads by example. Even with her active and
wide-ranging commitment to the national and local debate circuits, she
still seems to have more than enough time to attend to her own team.
Although Chattahoochee will have anywhere from four to seven varsity
teams at any given tournament, Ms. Berthiaume still makes sure she
sees or hears from every single team before each round, ensuring that
no debater or partnership feels neglected. Even outside of the typical
debate setting, she encourages team spirit by procuring team
sweatshirts and tee-shirts and organizing events such as team dinners,
ice cream socials, and excursions to Six Flags Amusement Park.

______Jon Cruz, The Bronx High School of Science (NY)
I won't be able to list enough: He has done an amazing job at victory
briefs. He has done an incredible job at rebuilding a great national
level tournament at Bronx. He has served on several important NFL
committees, most notably the one that made substantial
changes/recommendations for Lincoln-Douglas debate. He has resurrected
the ld-l as a viable communication network for coaches and students.
He's also taken on leadership roles with the ndca. He is exactly the
kind of hard-working, incredibly talented and giving young coach that
this organization ought to encourage with this kind of honor.

1. He has helped revitalize the Mid-Hudson (nor the Metro-Hudson) League
2. He has continued to recruit more students than ever i the school's
history, bringing our NFL Chapter to the largest in the country.
3. He has encouraged other programs and their tournaments by donating
trophies to encourage attendance.
4. He has become a fine teacher of both English and history.
5. He is beloved by his own students and much respected by those of
other programs as well as by all other coaches.

______Jenny Heidt, Westminster Schools (GA)
There is no question Jenny is a good coach; her top teams are in late
elims at virtually all the tournaments they attend.  But she also
works with students who aren't quite so talented and tries to give
them exposure at various tournaments to help them improve.  She
doesn't just coach the top team, but is willing to give the time and
energy needed to develop the junior varsity and novices students.  I'm
impressed with her teaching ability, both with a ballot and at summer
institutes.  I may not always agree with Jenny's decisions, but
clearly she works very hard at reaching them.  She is willing to judge
(which most coaches of major programs don't do) and willing to answer
questions, give advice, and help debaters from other schools get
better.  She also does this by teaching at a major institute each
summer.  She works as hard teaching others over the summer as she does
teaching her own kids during the year.  She's an excellent coach, but,
more importantly to me, an excellent teacher.  I highly recommend her
for this award.

I feel that there are two characteristics that make Jenny worthy of
this award.  First, her dedication and service to the NDCA as been
virtually unparalleled the last few years.  She has served as an NDCA
Board member as well as its Financial Officer.  She has been an
intregal part to the organization's survivability and growth.  She has
been in charge of the careful detailing of the organization's finances
and tax status as well as its membership.  She has also dedicated time
to the Open-Evidence project, creating and running NDCA Conventions
and has given her careful eye and attention to NDCA Board
I also believe Jenny is worthy of us award due to what she has
accomplished as a director.  In the past 6-8 years, I can not think of
a program that has been more consistently "at the top" than Jenny's
teams.  Not only are her teams immensely successful, Westminster teams
are also known for their ability to think in debates and continually
show good character.  Jenny also continues to be a very highly
preferred judge due to her thoughtful attention in debates and
productive feedback that she gives to the students.

____ Bruce Miller, Bishop Guertin (NH)
Bruce has been a very strong contributor to the world of policy debate
in New England for the past 25 years.

_____Aaron Timmons, the Greenhill School (TX)
Mr. Timmons continues to judge at local debate tournaments and
regardless of the quality of the round will always spend a significant
amount of time after the debate speaking to the students about the
quality of their arguments and they can improve their arguments.
Mr. Timmons annually hosts citywide practices to prepare for NFL
Nationals and always makes an extra effort to include students who
don't have access to full time debate coaches.
This year Mr. Timmons volunteer his time to help coach a student from
inner-city Philadelphia, helping the student reach the quarterfinals
of the Barkley Forum and qualify to the TOC.
Mr. Timmons has been a strong proponent of a case list in LD as a
means to make case intel available to all schools regardless of their
resources. Mr. Timmons uses the Greenhill LD Round Robin as a forum to
invite a few students each year who have been successful on the local
circuit but don't have the resources to travel on the national
circuit.  I emailed Michelin Massey former head coach at Christopher
Columbus and Hopkins to ask him about one of his experiences with Mr.
Timmons and he shared the following
"An experience that sticks out to me the most in my coaching journey
was when I was just starting out as a coach in college. AT took me
under his wing. No other time was as amazing as the TOC when I landed
in Cincinnati and took a bus to Lexington. He was there to pick me up
from the bus station and made sure I had food to eat and a place to
stay. He stepped up and was there for me as a young coach. It's that
kind of selflessness that makes AT an enduring figure in debate
education. He simply wants the best from himself, his students, and
the community at large. That is his life's mission. He has his own way
of communicating that aim. Yet, what's so amazing is that he is
committed to excellence as its own virtue without apology - even when
others feel that we (the debate community) should settle for less."
 	I cannot think of a more deserving candidate for such a great honor.

______Ken Strange, Dartmouth College (NH)
Although he doesn't work on the high school level explicitly, Ken's
influence on the high school debaters that attend the Dartmouth Debate
Institute is enormous. The competitive students that seek out his lab
and tutelage benefit greatly from his expertise; younger and less
experienced students learn even more from him than the experienced
students do. It is remarkable that such a celebrated debate coach
would so much of his time helping out any student that is willing to
learn. Ken's Dartmouth Institutes also encourage and teach better
coaching methods, as a coaching seminar occurs in Hanover early each

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