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Attached is a forward from Aaron Timmons, one of our NDCA delegates at the annual topic meeting.

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Greetings colleagues,

The National Federation for High School Associations is conducting is
annual topic selection meeting at the Hyatt Deerfield in suburban Chicago
this weekend.  This year Bill Batterman and I are your representatives for
the NDCA. The goal is to come up with a slate of five topics to be voted
on (which are then narrowed down to two) by the community during the year.

Today the wording committee is vetting each topic area and wording of
potential resolutions. Stephan has created a blog at
http://www.planetdebate.com/blogs/view/1021. As the resolutions are
narrowed down/modified we will try to keep you updated on the progress of
the meeting.

The resolutions (remember they are a work in progress and considering them
as topic areas might be a better approach) are below. PLEASE email me at
timmonsa at greenhill.org AND timmonsa at meangreenworkshops.com (Greenhill
email seems to be down at the moment but should be working soon), today
with concerns/ways to improve the wording of the topics and I will make
sure your input is included.


Aaron Timmons

1.      Cybersecurity.  The USFG should substantially increase its anti-cyber
warfare operations.
2.      Southeast Asia. USFG should substantially increase its development
assistance to Southeast Asia.
3.      Russia. The USFG should substantially increase constructive engagement
with the Russian Federation in one or more of these areas: trade, missile
defense, Iranian nuclearization, Central Asian security, European
4.      Space. The USFG should substantially increase its space exploration.
5.      India The US should substantially increase its bilateral cooperation
with India in one or more of the following areas: space, nuclear
proliferation, trade, human rights.
6.      Urban Revitalization. The USFG should establish a policy to
substantially increase urban renewal in the United States.
7.      International debt relief.  The International Monetary Fund and/or the
World Bank should cancel most of the debt owed to it by low income nations
and/or substantially increase its anti-corruption assistance.
8.      China. The United States federal government should substantially
increase its economic engagement with the People?s Republic of China on
one or more of the following issues: trade, economy, environment.

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