[Ndca-l] Glenbrooks/Wake conflict

Tate, Tara ttate
Thu Jul 29 15:44:03 EDT 2010

Sad news to report...there is a conflict with the Wake Forest college tournament and The 2010 Glenbrooks again this year.  This conflict tends to only occur every 4-5 years when NCA falls a week later (thus, pushing back Wake).  However, NCA is trying out a new "schedule" (different days of the week, I am told) which caused them to be later again this year.

This is just a forewarning that this will impact our judging pool in VCX.  This is unavoidable.  :)  We will, of course, do everything possible to increase the quality of the judging pool from our end and will continue to offer MPJ.

This may just be an FYI to some...but also a reason to secure your policy coaching/judging for that weekend early.

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