[Ndca-l] Discuss & Debate the PF Topics Online Via Video!!!

Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Thu Mar 11 04:10:40 EST 2010


Still want to debate the Afghanistan topic?
Have left over lobbying arguments?
Want to discuss the April & TOC resolution?  Do you want to test out some

Do you want to have a real impact?  Convince an emerging academic audience?
Take your arguments to the real world, raise the level of discourse, join a
soon-to-be global audience?

Join Planet Debate President Stefan Bauschard and members of the Harvard
Institute for Public Forum staff <http://www.planetdebate.com/harvard> over
the next month at DEBATEHALL.COM <http://www.debatehall.com/> to get
started.  You can post video answers to our resolution-based questions and
comment directly on specific video posts.

And this is only the beginning...more online discussion tools coming soon!
Create an account & post a video. Let's start talking!.

You can access a portion of our
Afghanistan<http://www.planetdebate.com/media/view/161>video release,
the full
lobbying release <http://www.planetdebate.com/media/view/164>, and an edited
version of our April video <http://www.planetdebate.com/media/view/175>release
right inside the question area!

Discussion of the 2010-11 policy resolution will begin the last week of

Stefan Bauschard

President & Co-Founder, PlanetDebate.com
Debate Coach, Harvard Debate
Director of Debate, Lakeland Schools
Director of Development & Operations, NFL National Tournament 2011

(c) 781-775-0433
(fx) 617-588-0283
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