[Ndca-l] Looking for Hired Judges - 2010 Glenbrooks

Tate, Tara ttate
Tue Oct 5 13:15:28 EDT 2010

Hi everyone!

The 2010 Glenbrooks is looking for qualified judges to hire for our 31st edition this November.  We are needing judges in all 13 of our events, including our CX, LD, PF, StuCO, and speech events.  If you are interested in being hired, please email Tara Tate at ttate at glenbrook225.org<mailto:ttate at glenbrook225.org>.  There is room for negotiation about hotel and reimbursement for travel expenses.

This is the same weekend as the college tournament at Wake Forest University.  This typically is a hard hit on our judging pool in VCX.  We are asking individuals to help out the community by either volunteering or being willing to hire out rounds past their commitment with their team.  We do strive to make our judging pool as qualified as possible.  We especially will pay generously for highly-preferred judges who are willing to judge past their school obligation on Monday in elimination rounds.  Please email me so we can dialogue about what your availability is.

Tara Tate

GBS Debate
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