[Ndca-l] Scranton Tournament Hotel Block Closing Soon!

Brian Manuel clariondebate
Thu Oct 7 13:06:13 EDT 2010


I just wanted to write everyone to let them know that the hotel block at the
Radisson Lackawanna Station for the 2011 Langan Invitational is closing soon
and your reservations should be made immediately.  If you'd rather stay at
the Courtyard Marriott or the Hilton Conference Center those blocks of rooms
will stay open a little longer.

All information for the tournament (registration is still open) can be found
at www.scrantondebate.com/langaninvitational

Thank you and I look forward to seeing some of you in November.

Brian Manuel
Tournament Director - James M. Langan Speech and Debate Invitational
Debate Coach - Lakeland District Debate
Debate Coach - Harvard Debate Inc.
Research/Advertising - Planet Debate
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