[Ndca-l] Debate Across the Curriculum Graduate Class

Nicole Serrano nicole.serrano
Wed Mar 2 13:30:48 EST 2011


The Boston Debate League (BDL) is offering a one-week Debate Across
the Curriculum (DAC) graduate class this summer to train middle and
high school teachers in all subject areas to use debate activities to
teach their content and curriculum in an engaging and academically
rigorous fashion.
Learn How To:
 Structure debate activities to meaningfully engage thirty or more
students at the same time in all disciplines.
 Help students develop the habit of analyzing difficult text to make
structured oral and written argument.
 Create shorter fifteen minute activities to help your students
develop critical reading, writing, thinking, and speaking skills on a
daily basis.

The flyer is available on the NDCA website. For more info, go to

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