[Ndca-l] NDCA Hotel blocks - FYI

Nicole Serrano nicole.serrano
Wed Mar 2 15:12:50 EST 2011

Just so y'all know

Our 100 room block at the Radisson is filled.
The Hilton across the street can't give us any rooms because they are
booked (weddings). If any rooms fill up, they will contact us and
we'll get those.

Brian is currently (like as I type this) getting a 40 room block at a
Courtyard Marriott that is a driving distance away. He is pretty sure
he'll be able to get the $90/room rate and a hotel shuttle, although
it'll be the tiny ones.

Once we move Ron Bratt's group (who couldn't all fit into the
Radisson) to the Courtyard Marriott, we'll be able to fit most of the
people who have contacted us about rooms to the Radisson.

Next step in our plan is to

1. contact folks who have booked rooms at the Radisson to ask them to
1. let us know before they release rooms and 2. register on JOT if
they haven't
2. Keep a list of folks who contact us for hotel rooms. If they plan
on renting a car anyway, we'll likely push them towards the Marriott.
If not, we'll do our best to fit them into the Radisson and the Hilton
if any rooms open up.
3. Brian is working on free busing from the city. We'll know more
about that in 2 weeks. If possible, it'll be 2 buses so there's bus
from both the Marriott and the Radisson.

1. tell people if they need hotel rooms to email us
2. tell folks that if shuttling is the make/break cost, we think we
can make it so that they don't have to rent a car (or are working on
it the most we can)
3. not to release hotel rooms without letting us know.

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