[Ndca-l] 23rd Grapevine Classic

Wed May 4 13:02:21 EDT 2011

TOURNAMENT NAME: 23rd Annual Grapevine Classic
HOST SCHOOL:  Grapevine High School
DATES:  September 9-10, 2011
EVENTS: Policy, LD, PFD, Congress, HI, DI, OO, PO, PRO, FX, USX, DUO, Duet.
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Jane Boyd, Director,  Jason Sykes (Debate), Grant Hahn (IE)
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR'S EMAIL ADDRESS: jane.boyd at gcisd.net, jason.sykes at gcisd.net, grant.hahn at gcisd.net

TOURNAMENT WEB SITE: www.joyoftournaments.com/tx/grapevine
Site will be operational about August 1.

DoubleTree by Hilton DFW Airport North
4441 W John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, TX 75063
Direct (972) 815 0208 | Fax (972) 815 0262

$79 flat rate  1-4 in a room.

Jane G. Boyd
Chair, Local Arrangements 2011 National Forensic League Texas Nationals
Director of Forensics, Grapevine High School

Office number: 817-251-5348

The mission of Grapevine High School, an icon of rich tradition and innovative educational practices, is to intentionally develop knowledgeable, creative, ethical, and civic-minded leaders through high standards and personalized, relevant, and engaging learning experiences in concert with the community.

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Today's Topics:

   1. 2011-2012 Tournament Calendar (Jon Cruz)
   2. Project - Space Exploration Unit (Tate, Tara)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 09:07:38 -0400
From: Jon Cruz <joncruz1138 at gmail.com>
To: NDCA <ndca-l at lists.debatecoaches.org>
Subject: [Ndca-l] 2011-2012 Tournament Calendar
Message-ID: <BANLkTimz2izSRs+m+bVyBK3yaGxycgCB1A at mail.gmail.com>
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Greetings, colleagues!

First, congratulations to our member schools for their successes at the TOC
this past weekend in all debate events. I enjoyed the opportunity to catch
up with many of you in Kentucky.

I am working now to compile a tournament calendar for the 2011-2012 season
for the National Debate Coaches Association web site.

If you'd like to have your tournament listed -- and we'd like to list as
many as possible -- please submit the following information in the following
order. (You should include the "TOURNAMENT NAME:," etc. fields in your

Please email me at joncruz1138 at gmail.com.

Thank you! I will do my next update tomorrow evening -- I already have a
large number of tournaments to add -- so feel free to send bury my inbox
tonight! I'd love to put up a ton of these tomorrow since I know many of us
(myself included) are submitting calendars to our schools now.

For events, please use abbreviations (VCX, VLD, VPF, NLD, JVCX) where
possible, including for individual speech events and Congressional Debate
(CD). It will just help me out as I standardize all the posts. Thanks!


Thanks so much.


Jon Cruz
Director of Forensics (Speech & Debate)
The Bronx High School of Science
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Message: 2
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 16:55:13 +0000
From: "Tate, Tara" <ttate at glenbrook225.org>
To: "ndca-l at lists.debatecoaches.org" <ndca-l at lists.debatecoaches.org>
Cc: "aqb at bickelbrewer.com" <aqb at bickelbrewer.com>
Subject: [Ndca-l] Project - Space Exploration Unit
        <FB13892606CEF343814393C95026AC9B29A77B8D at GBHSDEXDB02.glenbrook225.org>

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Good afternoon, debate educators!

I just developed what the final assessment will be for our three-week space exploration unit in my novice Debate I class.  It was important for me to balance making sure the policy debaters that are continuing for next year had some exposure to the topic but I did not want to alienate the students in the class that are not competitively debating OR doing other debate events.

The project is a debate that is inspired by the Bickel and Brewer IPPF debates, but in a scaled down version.  The assignment sheet is attached.  I hope to get a formalized grading rubric together to send out as well.  Each student is to choose a policy recommendation for the USFG and defend it in a 3-5 page paper (complete with bibliography).  When students turn in those papers, they will be randomly given a pro paper of one of their classmates and write a 2-5 page counterpoint paper (complete with bibliography).

Not only do I think that this fits the goals of what I wanted to accomplish for the project, but it also allows me to see what students may be good writers/debaters for the IPPF debates that we participate in next year.

Sometimes attachments don't go through the list serv...email me if you want the assignment attachment.


Tara L. Tate

Director of Debate, Glenbrook South HS (IL)

Chair of the Board, National Debate Coaches Association

Co-director, The 2011 Glenbrooks
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