[Ndca-l] Space Lesson Plans: Update on Create-Your-Own-Alien Day

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Fri May 13 12:28:26 EDT 2011

An update on the Create-Your-Own-Alien Day lesson plan - a few of you have backchanneled me for the supplies that I provided as well as some other details.  I did have each student name their alien and write a short 3-5 sentence biography of his/her creature.

Here is the list of supplies out in two categories - what I purchased from a craft store and "junk" I had lying around.

Crafts Store:

Glitter Glue Pens

Construction Paper

PomPom Balls


Pipe Cleaners

Fake Grass/Straw

Glue Sticks


Junk Tate had lying around (a lot from Glenbrooks concessions):

Paper Cups (this was huge...a lot of students used the cups as the body of the alien)

Cling Wrap

Ziploc bags

Yellow caution tape

Old magazines


Stamps/Stamp Pad


Stapler (this was used a lot since glue sticks did not really adhere the materials)

Hole Punch

Fake money (we had a few aliens represent the Planet of Capitalism)

Scotch Tape

Masking Tape

Paper Clips

We had a fun day!  They turned out great and the kids loved the "break".  However, it is days like these that may explain why US students are behind the Japanese students.  :)


Tara L. Tate

Director of Debate, Glenbrook South HS (IL)

Chair of the Board, National Debate Coaches Association

Co-director, The 2011 Glenbrooks
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