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Maggie Berthiaume maggiekb
Mon May 23 08:42:39 EDT 2011

 *Policy <http://www.debatecoaches.org/page/director-of-debate> Debate coach
* Alpharetta High School

*Information about the debate team:*

We currently have over 20 returning debaters that travel a mixture of local,
regional and national tournaments.  We also have 20+ novices join the team
each year and a thriving middle school program.

The new coach would be joining our current coach, Adam Smiley, on the
coaching staff.  The division of labor for travel, administrative duties,
and coaching duties are all negotiable.  However, the new coach would be
expected to attend a minimum of 8 tournaments per year and stay at least one
day a week after school for practice.

*Teaching Requirements:*

Alpharetta offers two debate classes, one for Varsity and one for novice.
In the future, the new coach would have the option of teaching one or both
of these classes.  Teachers are expected to teach a total of 5 classes each

*A little bit about Alpharetta High School:*

Size ? Alpharetta is a school of approximately 2200 students.

Location ? Alpharetta is located in Alpharetta, GA ? a northern suburb of
Atlanta.  The school is within 3 miles of Chattahoochee High School, 6 miles
from Johns Creek, and 6 miles from Milton.  However, a majority of the
faculty lives in Atlanta, and the school itself is a short and manageable
drive from some of the finer parts of Atlanta.

*Job Requirements ?*

A love of debate ? we have a ton of kids and they all want to go to
tournaments.  Every aspect of Policy Debate can be done with this job ?
community work, novice teaching, varsity strategizing, researching, etc.

A love of teaching- applicants should want to put as much passion and effort
into their non-debate responsibilities as they would into their debate
responsibilities, and help maintain the reputation of the team within our
school community.

A Bachelor's degree or higher.  Additional degrees guarantee pay scale

Teaching certification is highly preferred ? but not necessarily required if
one is willing to take a few tests to become provisionally certified in the
state of Georgia.

More information can be found at the following-

Alpharetta High School ? http://www.ahsraiders.com/

Alpharetta Debate (this is a parent run website not affiliated with the
coaches) ? http://raiderdebate.com/

The Fulton County School System - http://www.fultonschools.org/
the current payscale.

Provisional Certification -

If you are interested in applying, or just have more questions about the
program, please feel free to contact me at: asmiley27 at gmail.com .

Applicants should include a statement of interest, resume with description
of debate background, and contact information ? preferably email ? for at
least two debate related references.
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