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The Tournament of Champions is pleased to announce the creation of the
of Champions Charitable Foundation, Inc*. In its first forty years, the TOC
has set the standard for excellence in competitive high school debate. We
believe that in the future, the Tournament should realize its true
progressive potential by harnessing the philanthropic power of over 5000
alumni that span 41 years of competition. We believe the TOC is positioned
to offer unique contributions to efforts to bridge the gap between
excellence and economic need in our community. As such, the TOC Foundation
is committed to funding and implementing the following objectives:****

*-Fee Reductions*

The current economic climate has created hardships for many high school
debate programs around the nation. In order to maximize the opportunities
for competition, the Tournament of Champions seeks to reduce entry fees
across the board for all events. The TOC will reduce fees by one-third to
one-half in 2012.

*-Breakfast of Champions Sponsorship*

The past fee for the Breakfast of Champions is history. Instead, the
breakfast and awards ceremony will be open for all participants in 2012 at
no cost, underwritten by a generous sponsor to be named.

*-Academic Scholarships for Champions*

Based on the National Forensic League Tournament scholarship model, the TOC
would like to award $10,000 in scholarship awards to the winning team in
Policy and Public Forum Debate ($5,000 per student), $5,000 to the Lincoln
Douglas champion, and $5,000 for the National Champion Senator and
Representative in Congress. The TOC would give $5,000 total for the second
place team in Policy and Public Forum. It would give $2,500 for second
place in Lincoln Douglas. The Foundation is currently reaching out to
donors to achieve this objective. It is our hope to announce something
concrete on this front in the coming weeks and months for the 2012-2013

*-Travel Grants*

The Tournament of Champions would like to ensure that all teams who can
compete at the highest levels of debate can attend the tournament
regardless of their economic situation. In order to fund this outreach
effort, the Tournament seeks to create travel grants for the purpose of
helping competitive teams attempt to qualify for and attend the TOC. A
committee will be established to evaluate applications for the grants.
Awards could range from $1,000-2,500 depending on need. Our goal is to
begin this program for the 2012-2013 season.

*Moving forward*

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing a Board of Directors for the
Foundation as well as other details. We are actively seeking input from all
interested parties to help us inform the development of what we hope will
become an important source of empowerment and philanthropy in our
community. We are looking for suggestions for Board members and hope that
you might be interested. Please contact us if you are or if you have
suggestions for potential nominations.****


Andrea Reed, Director of the Tournament of Champions****

Dr. JW Patterson, Founder of the Tournament of Champions****

Dave Arnett, Head Debate Coach-University of Kentucky****
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