[Ndca-l] Current Dukes & Bailey standings

Chris Palmer palmer
Mon Dec 10 15:36:46 EST 2012

I've posted them into a Google Doc here:


The results include Alta, Apple Valley, Crestian, Grapevine, Greenhill, Houston
Memorial, Hendrick Hudson, Meadows, Bronx, Ridge, St Marks, The Glenbrooks,
Princeton, Valley, Wake Forest, and Yale.

If you have a tournament you would like included on the list, please send me
either the Teams in Order and Elim Results reports from TRPC, or preferably a
Universal Data file from newer versions of TRPC (Directions below).


Generating a Universal Data File from TRPC:

This works best if you use the most recent XML enabeld TRPC.exe executable,
which is available for download on Tabroom.com under "The CAT" on the front
page; there's a link on the right for "Tabroom enabled TRPC".

1. In TRPC, Under Results, go to Main Results Printouts -> Print Packet Results.

2. Hit the grey button on the left, about halfway down, that says "Click Here
   to Create a Universal Data Structure File"

3. In the popup window that comes up, select 4 unless you registered on
   Tabroom.com for your tournament.  

4. A window should pop up saying Done.  Exit TRPC completely. 

5. Go to the TRPCData folder for the tournament you're in.  Under there, amid
   all the .DAT files, there's a new file called TourneyData.xml, or maybe just
   TourneyData.  That's the file I need; just email it to me and I'm happy.

Free Tournament Management software from IDEA:  http://tabroom.idebate.org
Asst Coach, Lexington Debate: http://www.lexdebate.org
LD & Congress tournament director, NDCA:  http://www.debatecoaches.org

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