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Tara Tate ttate
Thu Dec 13 10:00:56 EST 2012

Dear colleagues -

The NDCA Board seeks your input in regards to ways that our organization
can help you as a coach and tournament director in regards to ethical
practices, such as card clipping.  At national circuit policy tournaments,
there has been a massive increase of teams being accused of "clipping
cards".  Many coaches believe that this unethical practice is on the rise.
We certainly believe this problem extends in to the other debate events as

As an organization that we believe can help the community establish norms
and common practices as well as being a resource for you, we would like to
start a community dialogue on how you would like the NDCA to proceed in
helping the community prevent these instances.

The Board has been discussing a wide variety of options and we are wanting
feedback on what you feel would best help you in regards to managing your
team and your tournament.

Here are some of the actions that have been discussed by the NDCA Board:

1 - The NDCA could provide a standard piece of language that tournament
administrators can utilize in their tournament rules/procedures in regards
to how your invitational will deal with card clipping.  This would be 100%
optional - we would write up the language and provide it as a resource.  If
you like it, you can use it and put it in your tournament documents.

2 - The NDCA can provide a model lesson plan on how to discuss this with
your students - what is card clipping or unethical practices in regards to
reading evidence?  what should you do if you believe your opponent is
clipping cards?

3 - The NDCA has also discussed a sanctioning type of system that would
entail not awarding Baker Cup points or Dukes/Bailey Cup points to debaters
that are caught clipping cards at a tournament and is sanctioned by the
judge or a tournament official with a loss.  If your team is found "guilty"
of clipping cards in Round 5 at MBA and awarded a loss by the judge in that
debate due to that ethical violation, your team would not be able to
receive Baker points for that tournament.

It is widely believed by the Board that it is impossible and not the
responsibility of our organization to police these activities.  We do
believe we have control over our own tournament and our own awards but we
would like input on how the membership body would allow us to proceed.

We would like this dialogue to happen in one of two ways:

1 - Please feel free to backchannel me or any of our other Board members
with your thoughts.

2 - We will keep a running dialogue about this on the NDCA-L.  We feel it
is best to not flood the email boxes of all of our NDCA members through the
NDCA membership mailing list.  Please avoid replying all to  the NDCA
membership emails.  Replying all to this email will hopefully just send it
to me and those that are subscribed to the opt-in NDCA-L.

Again, the NDCA is an organization that is here to assist its coaches with
issues that face us.  We believe this is an issue facing our community and
we would like input on how we should proceed.

We look forward to reading your input and providing some direction as we
move forward on this timely issue.

Tara Tate and the NDCA Board
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