[Ndca-l] NDCA and card-clipping

Robbins Gray robbins.gray
Fri Dec 14 13:23:00 EST 2012

Hi All, If you heard it and flowed it then they said it. If you couldn't
hear it (I will say clear as often as I have to) then why should they get
credit for it at all even if they read it. If it was so fast you couldn't
hear it then for me they didn't say it. I make that clear at the beginning
of a round I'm judging. It seams to me a large part of debate is about how
much can you abuse the other team without the other team being able to
convince the judge that you abused them so much you should loose the round.
Speed is at the root of what we as a community endorse. Other examples are
multiple conditional counter plans, and fiating counter plan solvency
deficits (like having China do the plan and get all of the American
technology). But as a community we endorse speed to the point where we are
willing to read evidence after a round and give them credit for things in
the card that are not on our flow. I apologize in advance for not being able
to respond to comments about my post as I am very busy at the moment.  Best
Regards, Robb Gray


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