[Ndca-l] Debate and College Admissions

Timmons, Aaron timmonsa
Sat Dec 22 03:24:02 EST 2012

Hello all, 

I am working on a project that helps to explain to high school debaters, high school guidance counselors, and college admissions office how debate helps to transform students to make them great college students that should stand out in the application process. The students need to know how to package and frame the activity better in world of ?the common app?, high school counselors need to know what debate (as we all tend to practice it) is, and college admission folks need to understand that, to quote David Baker from long ago, that debate is truly ?full contact social studies?. Our kids are some of the best and the brightest and don't get enough credit for the high level academic work they are doing. 

I need some help. I have all of the Minh Luong stuff, and the NYT stuff from a decade ago. The story that is being told is that is no longer relevant and the focus in ONLY grades and test scores. Folks from all over the country are telling me the same story. Two requests:

1.	If you have recent data that you give your students on the benefits of debate and how it helps college admissions that is updated, please send it my way at timmonsa at greenhill.org. I am working with the NFL/NDCA to get a package together to share with the entities I list above (debaters, high school counselors,college admissions folk). 

2.	How much do your students (especially those that get into top schools), play up their debate experience in the application process? 

Feel free to email me directly or reply to all!

Happy Holidays!


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