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Nathan Johnston njohnst4
Fri Nov 2 10:46:08 EDT 2012

Coaches and Competitors,

             On behalf of the Tennessee Speech and Debate Society, as  
well as the Department of Political Science at the University of  
Tennessee, we are extremely excited to begin our research on the  
social capital impact of debate as an organization and an activity. We  
have spent the past few months planning and drafting our survey, which  
is designed to test specific aspects of debate and their relationship  
with and impact on social capital indicators. The survey should take  
10-12 minutes. To view the survey you can click HERE or go to the  
following website: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/utkdebate.

             In order to get as much data as possible, we are sending  
this survey to debate organizations across the country. We are heavily  
relying on people like you and organizations such as yours to  
accomplish our goals, which will yield information that is valuable to  
both the political science community and the debate community.

             We ask that you please complete the survey yourself, then  
pass along the link (as well as this letter if you wish) to your  
students, fellow debaters, coaches, judges, or anyone involved with  
competitive debate at any organized level (high school and beyond). We  
hope to collect as much data as possible on the members of the debate  
community, but we need your help in order to do so!

             We would be more than happy to forward you our data,  
statistical interpretations, and conclusions (as well as our final  
paper, if you are so inclined). We are also open to suggestions for  
further research, modifications of our current survey, or  
collaboration on current or future projects. Opening a line of  
communication with us can be arranged by entering your email address  
on the last page of the survey (when prompted) or by emailing either  
Nathan Johnston or myself, using the email addresses located at the  
bottom of this page.

             Thank you so much for enabling our data collection. We  
hope that you will join us in this opportunity to explore the  
community that we are all members of. If you have any questions,  
concerns, or comments, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We  
hope you enjoy our survey and the light it sheds on debate!


Nathan Johnston & Jordan Smith
University of Tennessee Department of Political Science
Co-Coaches and Tournament Directors
Tennessee Speech and Debate Society
Njohnst4 at utk.edu; Jsmit265 at utk.edu
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