[Ndca-l] Potential UC-Irvine HS RR

Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Wed Dec 4 14:51:10 EST 2013

After chatting with Rashad about his RR and potential HS interest, I'm
posting this for him.


UC-Irvine is hosting a RR and conference on March 7-9.  Details of the RR
and conference can be seen here:


The RR is currently set up for college debaters, but we would like to add a
high school round robin, to run with concurrently with the college RR and
with similar rules and features.

Before we commit to this idea we would like to gage the community's
interest in such a round robin.

We are interested in locating teams interested in participating in the both
wheels of the RR.

Rashad Evans

Stefan Bauschard

Debate Coach, Harvard Debate
Debate Coach, Lakeland Schools
International Programs Consultant, National Forensic League (US)
Consultant, National Forensic League of Korea (ROK)
Consultant, Dipont Education Management (China)

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