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*Tournament Dates*

February 28-March 2, 2014


Registration will open on tabroom.com on December 20th

*Tournament Goals*

Every year the Lakeland District Debate Team hosts an annual open
invitational.  We host this invitational for a number of reasons ?

(a) To provide an affordable opportunity for students who wish to debate on
this weekend at Lakeland. We do not make any money on our tournament and
have often lost money.

(b) To provide students with an opportunity to develop core academic skills
and to learn about issues on both sides of the topics that have been
selected for debate.

(c) To provide an educational environment we believe students and coaches
will find satisfying, enjoyable, and consistent with conduct expectations
that they would find in typical middle school and high school academic

To fulfill these goals, we have designed the following tournament on
February 28-March 1, 2014 at Lakeland High School in Shrub Oak, NY.

*Events offered*

Novice Policy
Varsity Policy

Novice Policy NYCUDL starter packet (if there is demand)

Novice PF

Varsity PF

Varsity LD

Novice LD

Middle School Policy
Middle School PF
Middle School Parli

Original Oratory

All debate events are ?switch side? ? students will be expected to debate
both sides of the resolution.

*Entry fees*

$25 per participant (all participants, including coaches and judges)

$50 school fee

$250 hired judge fee/4 debaters (per judge if you need a judge)

We have a sponsor for PF, so the per participant entry fee does not apply
to PF (PF is free).   The school and hired judge fee (if applicable) does
apply to PF.

The fees include dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday for all registered
participants.  Our judges? lounge offerings will return to those of the
Taylor Roth era (absent the homemade food).

You can also expect nice awards this year that have been ordered by Jon

*Hired judge fees*

$75/uncovered team in PF

$125/uncovered team in policy

$75/uncovered individual contestant in events with single contestants.

Judges in other events cannot be used to cover Policy debate entries.


-       We will accept registrations until Monday, February 23rd, 2014 (or
until the tournament fills)

-       The tournament always fills, so enter early if you wish to attend

-       In order to discourage frivolous registrations, there is a
$10/contestant drop fee for every non-substituted contestant drop after
February 1. That fee increase to $25/contestant after February 15th.

-       Judge hire fees are frozen on February 15th.


PF:  February NFL Topic (all divisions)

L-D: January/February L-D (all divisions)

Policy:  The United Stated federal government should substantially increase
its economic engagement toward Cuba, Mexico, or Venezuela.

This tournament does offer a variety of different events on a variety of
topics, so we respectfully request you Affirm and or Negate (when relevant
to the assigned side) the resolution in the division you are debating in.
We are open to having debates on additional topics if there is sufficient
interest and if said topics are consistent with Lakeland School District

We also encourage debaters to use all types of evidence, arguments, and
styles of debating that are consistent with persuading judges to Affirm or
Negate the Affirmative?s plan/ resolution advocacy as long as those
strategies are consistent with the Conduct policy outlined below.


We expect that all judges will pay attention in the debates they are
judging and will work to provide a fair decision based on the criteria they
outline in their judge philosophies.

We also expect judges to behave in a way that is appropriate in a middle
school/high school environment. Any judges that exhibit behavior
inconsistent with this expectation can and will be removed from the
tournament by the tournament director at his discretion.  The financial
costs of missed rounds will be passed on to the school that entered the

Unless there is a violation of the Conduct policy by the judge or the
team(s) in the debate, the tab room views the judge?s decision regarding
all arguments made in the debates as final.  If the tabroom determines that
a judge or the team(s) violates a Conduct policy expectation, the tabroom
may alter the decision in a way that it feels is fairest for the debaters

*Judge Assignment*

We will use a standard 9 category MPJ system in varsity policy and a 6
category MPJ system in varsity LD.

We will not use preferences in the other divisions.

Thanks to the support of the Lexington debate team, we believe that we will
be able to provide all debaters in the novice division of policy debate
with an equal number of male in female judges in at least the prelims.

*Conduct Policy*

We expect all debaters and judges to behave in a way that is appropriate
for a high school/middle school environment both in and out of debates.

While we do not have an extensive conduct policy, we view any behavior
inconsistent with

(a) typical school and league conduct policies (including those of the
Lakeland School District --

(b) behavior that you would be proud of if it were viewed online, and

? social norms regarding appropriate language use

as a violation of our Conduct rules.

We expect that debaters will debate the issues related to the resolutions
identified above and will not engage in personal attacks against their
competitors, as this type of behavior may be considered a form of
harassment that is a violation of the Lakeland School District?s own
anti-harassment policies.

Students and coaches found to be in violation of the conduct rules can be
removed from the tournament at the discretion of the tournament director.

This is the Lakeland School District?s policy on ?Student Publication and
Expression? (

?*All school-sponsored opportunities for student expression will comply
with the rules set forth in this policy and in the Code of Conduct*. All
student publications will comply with rules for responsible
journalism. Libelous statements, unfounded charges and accusations,
obscenity, false statements; materials or performances advocating racial,
religious or other prejudice, hatred, violence, the breaking of laws and
school policies and/or regulations, or materials or activities designed to
disrupt the educational process will not be permitted. Expressions of
personal opinion must be clearly identified as such and bear the name of
the author. Opportunity for the expression of opinions differing from those
of the student publishers must be provided. In addition, *the
school-sponsored activities listed above which are paid for by the School
District and/or produced under the direction of a teacher or other advisor
as part of the school curriculum are not considered public forums*. In such
cases, the Board reserves the right to edit or delete such student
expression which it believes is inconsistent with the district?s basic
educational mission.?

The Code of Conduct can be found here  and some additional parts are
reproduced below--

*Card Clipping*

Judges who determined that a debater has ?clipped cards? should assign the
debater zero speaker points and a loss. This person will be ineligible for
any speaker awards. If the tab room also determines that card clipping
occurred, the person will be removed from the tournament.

*Forfeits and decision time*

All policy ballots are due within 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes) from
the *scheduled start time of the debate*.  If the debate you are judging
starts late, you will have less time to decide.

Debaters are responsible for finding the room they are debating in.  If a
debater or team is more than 10 minutes late, his or her 2-person team will
be forfeited.


We can provide housing for the first 150 *contestants *and we are working
to find additional housing slots. If your team is able to stay in a hotel,
please do so in order that we can accommodate more programs of more limited
financial means.

*Independent/Unaffiliated Entries*

Like most tournaments in the Northeast, we accept entries from non-school
based individuals and teams.  The tournament director does have the
discretion to reject an entry if that entry appears to designed to create a
?super team? when other reasonable school-based entry opportunities are
available to the students.

Students are not permitted to compete independently if their school and or
coach prohibits their participation.

As per TOC policy, independent/unaffiliated students are ineligible to
receive TOC bids.

*Maverick Entries*

Maverick entries are permitted at the discretion of the tournament
director.  If there multiple mavericks in any division, it is expected the
two individuals will debate together. Mavericks are eligible for awards.

*Tournament Director Discretion*

Since the tournament director is an employee of the Lakeland School
District and the tournament is sponsored by the District, the tournament
director has discretion to make decisions regarding tournament practice and
administration that are needed to ensure compliance with all Lakeland
School District policies.  Compliance with these policies is not debatable.

*TOC Qualifying Status*

The tournament is a semis qualifier for the TOC in Policy debate.


Friday, February 28th

12-2pm ? Registration

2:30 -- pairings

3pm ? Round 1 (all events)

5pm ? Round 2 (all events)

6:30-7:30 ? Dinner (included)

7:45pm ? Round 3

10pm ? Housing


7:45 ? R4 all events

11am ? R5 ? all events

1-2pm -- lunch

2pm ? R6 ?policy, 1st elim in other events, elims in all other events will
continue throughout the day.  Elims in all events except varsity policy
will conclude on Saturday.

5pm ? 1st elim policy (All 4-2 teams, UP TO 32 teams) in varsity and (4-2
teams, up to 16 teams in novice policy)

7:30 ? 2nd elim policy

10pm ? housing

Sunday 8am

Remaining elims in policy

*Some other portions of the Lakeland School District?s Conduct Policy*

*Some parts of the policy*

Visitors are expected to comport themselves in a manner that does not
disrupt the order of schools or the educational process and in accordance
with the law and this Code of Conduct.

The District encourages students to participate in curriculum related
extra-curricular activity clubs and/or organizations. To the extent that
the District authorizes meetings of non-curriculum related clubs or
organizations, the same shall be subject to the constitution of the student
government and shall be conducted in accordance with any applicable federal
or state law, as well as Board of Education policy or regulations.

Student Expression - Students shall be allowed the opportunity for the free
expression of ideas consistent with rights established by the federal and
state constitutions. However, a student?s freedom is subject to limitation
in that the constitutional protections will not extend to libelous,
slanderous*, vulgar, lewd, indecent *or *obscene words* or images or to
words or images which by their very use incite others to damage property or
physically injure persons. Any assembly or public expression on school
grounds or at school activities that advocates the use of drugs or other
substances that are illegal to minors is prohibited.

Harassment - means the creation of a hostile environment by conduct or by
threats, intimidation or abuse that (a) has or would have the effect of
unreasonably and substantially interfering with a student?s educational
performance, opportunities or benefits, or mental, emotional or physical
well-being; (b) reasonably causes or would reasonably be expected to cause
a student to fear for his/her physical safety; (c) reasonably causes or
would reasonably be expected to cause physical injury or *emotional
harm*to a student; or (d) occurs off school property and creates or
foreseeably create a risk of substantial disruption within the school
environment, where it is foreseeable that the conduct, threats,
intimidation or abuse might reach school property.

*The District will report any *acts of violence against persons that
constitute a crime, threatened acts of violence, and other *violations of
the Code of Conduct which constitute a crime* and affect the order and
security of the school to the appropriate local law enforcement agency
(e.g., theft; destruction of school property; assault; false fire reports;
arson; bomb threats; *use, possession*, distribution or sale *of drugs or
alcohol*; use, possession, distribution or sale of a dangerous or deadly
object or a potentially dangerous or deadly object) when the child is over
the age of 16 or is 14 or 15 years old and qualifies for juvenile offender

The Board of Education recognizes that a learning environment that is safe
and supportive can increase student attendance and improve academic
achievement. A student?s ability to learn and achieve high academic
standards, and a school?s ability to educate students, is compromised by
incidents of discrimination or harassment, including but not limited to
bullying, taunting, hazing and intimidation. The District will, therefore,
strive to create an environment free of discrimination and harassment and
will foster civility in the schools to prevent and prohibit conduct which
is inconsistent with the District?s educational mission.

All Lakeland School District policies can be found here

*Stefan Bauschard*

*Tournament Director*

*Debate Coach, Lakeland Central School District*

Stefan Bauschard

Debate Coach, Harvard Debate
Debate Coach, Lakeland Schools
International Programs Consultant, National Forensic League (US)
Consultant, National Forensic League of Korea (ROK)
Consultant, Dipont Education Management (China)

(C) 781-775-0433
(F) 617-588-0283
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