[Ndca-l] Louisville, KY Tournament Thoughts

Christopher Vincent cjvinc08
Wed Dec 18 08:45:11 EST 2013

As you all know by now, we are hosting the Derby City Classic Tournament
January 31-February 2, featuring Novice, JV,  Varsity LD, Novice & Varsity
Policy, and Open Public Forum.  We do encourage you to register and attend.
We promise quality judging, hospitality, and amazing competition.  It is
hard for many in the Louisville region to get exposure to many nationally,
because of limited funding and the inability to travel.  This is a great
way to increase that by attending.  Registration is available on tabroom.com

I am also curious to hear many of your thoughts.  Given much of the recent
controversy around college debate, and the growing concerns about the
trickle down to the high school community I know several have suggested
creating open dialogues and discussions.  If people are willing to join us
in January, I will offer to tweak our schedule so that we can have a
community discussion forum set up for coaches and one for students.  This
would be a great opportunity to have an open and honest dialogue to address
many of these concerns.

Two things:
1) Would you be interested in coming to the tournament and also having a
discussion forum of some sort?
2) What are your thoughts for how this should happen/be set up.  I am open
to all suggestions.
Email me your thoughts at cjvinc08 at gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Christopher J. Vincent
Director of Speech & Debate
J. Graham Brown School
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