[Ndca-l] Issues concerning the high school community

Shuntá Jordan sjordan
Tue Dec 17 19:26:07 EST 2013


Thanks for starting this conversation at the high school level (which I hope continues).

1. More and more practices and arguments from the college level are finding their way into high school rounds. As a result, I think our community needs to be proactive in addressing argument diversity and diverse voices. Discussions open to all
coaches and judges should be offered at various second semester tournaments before the NDCA and TOC. I do believe a lot of the college conversations will impact our end-of-the-year tournaments and the sooner we offer forums for discussions, the more
prepared we all will be.

2. I couldn't agree more with the need for summer institutes to diversify their curriculum and staff.

3. I like perhaps establishing a "best practices" guide for high schools assuming the group in charge is representative of all members of our community.

4. I'd be interested in attending a conference or workshop to work through the changing nature of high school debate and how college practices are affecting us.

I need to give more thought to the original post, but these are my initial thoughts.


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