[Ndca-l] Issues concerning the high school community

Adam Torson adam.torson
Wed Dec 18 13:14:23 EST 2013

AT's suggestion that the NFL/NDCA/TOC adopt a best practices policy for
tournament administration seems like a good idea and a pretty actionable
step. Just trying to synthesize what seem like points of concensus - These
policies should include guidelines on:

a. Discrimination and other forms of exclusion

b. Harassment: For all the reasons indicated above. We obviously need to be
mindful of balancing an environment which openly promotes discussion of
unpopular views with the need to protect students and adults from social
identity threats.

c. Tournament Safety: In light of the exceedingly sad instances of school
violence that have recently touched our community, and the good start on
concerns about physical safety reflected here (
http://debatematters.org/tournament-safety/), I think it's incumbent upon
us to think a bit more rigorously about safety at debate tournaments.

d. Judge Placement
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