[Ndca-l] Issues concerning the high school community

Robb Gray firstpacific
Wed Dec 18 16:14:25 EST 2013

With MPJ, I believe, you could accomplish both goals if: instead of always
going for 1-1's or 2-2's you made it so that every tier was included. i.e.
if you went all the way out to 9's one 9th of each teams rounds would have
to have a 9-9. Well you get the picture. It's easier to illustrate if you
have a 6 round tournament and only go out to 6's. Adaptation would be
essential. Same in out rounds. With a 5 panel round you have a 2-2, 3-3,
4-4, 5-5, and a 6-6. 


Also, and I've said this before, Debate truly is about how much can you
abuse the other team without the judge voting against you. Our community
accepts much of this abuse. Speed talk is the best example. It leads to card
clipping. The answer to speed talking and card clipping, in my opinion is
simple. If I didn't hear it, you didn't say it. Just say clear or slow every
time they are going so fast you can't understand it. If the debaters don't
adapt it's on them. Don't call for cards to see what they said. If you
didn't hear it they didn't say it. You can call for cards for other reasons,
but not to see what you didn't hear. 


As for ethical and conduct codes: Doesn't every school and every district
already have them? Just enforce the codes that are in place. Best Regards,
Robb Gray


I will be taking some time off during the hollidays'. My last day in the
office will be December 20th. I will be back in the office December 30th and
for a half day on December 31st. Back in the office on January 2nd.


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With regard to the issue of MPJ, I am still uncomfortable with a practice
that turns the teaching of communication skills on its head. A basic tenet
of all models of effective communication (assuming we are still interested
in pursuing communication skill development as a goal of the activity) is
that the speaker/sender must learn to adapt to the audience/receiver. MPJ
reverses that element and allows the speaker to adapt the audience/receiver
to her/his preferred method or style of communication. I find that
inconsistent with my goal as an educator in the field of communications. I
don't pretend to speak for the college community, as I understand they have
a very different mission and goal than we do in high school, much as the
college athletic coach has a very different job than their high school
counterparts. But private conversations over many years of high school
coaching suggest to me that the majority of high school teachers of speech
and debate share my misgivings.

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