[Ndca-l] Course Opportunity: Teaching and Coaching Debate (in China)

Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Fri Jan 4 17:06:41 EST 2013

This spring semester, Wake Forest?s Graduate School of Communication will
offer a distance-learning course, beginning January 28, on coaching and
teaching debate. This course covers contemporary methods for teaching
debate and directing a debate program at the high school level, with a
special emphasis on preparation and training for those who may teach debate
in China as part of the new and growing debate program in the English
language schools.

The course will be offered as a 3 hour graduate course.

Two years of work experience or a Master?s degree are usually required to
obtain a work visa in China, but exceptions can be made for well qualified

To take the class, Comm 670-Teaching and Directing High School Debate, one
needs to apply to the Wake Graduate School as an unclassified student (
http://graduate.wfu.edu/). The application fee is waived.  The cost for the
course is $1,181 per hour - 3 hours = $3,543, but scholarships of $1763.00
will be applied to the tuition charge (cost ? tuition). One would need to
apply on line at Apply online and provide a college or Graduate program
transcript. Letters are not needed for this class.

The course is designed for those who have completed an undergraduate
degree, are near completion of an undergraduate degree, completed or
finishing up a Master Degree.  The course is open to Wake Forest students
and students outside the university.

The course will consist of 10 weeks of instruction

1-Dipont Education Management and the China debate program
2-The core curriculum and instructional supports and English language
3-Public Forum debate fundamentals
4-Argumentation and public speaking: Core Skills
5-Contemporary secondary educational methods
6-Managing a large debate team and other popular debate events.
7-Teaching Chinese students in China
8-Beyond tournaments: Related classroom activities
9-Comprehensive curriculum review
10-Review & final (project)

The course will be taught by Dr. Joseph Packer and Stefan Bauschard.  Dr.
Packer is currently working in China teaching debate and Stefan Bauschard
designed the China debate program in cooperation with Dipont Education
Management and the US National Forensics League.
Folks who complete the course may consider applying for employment teaching
for a year or more in China (e. g., CEDA Forum ).  This may be the
debater?s way of realizing their deferred ?study abroad? life experience.

Stefan Bauschard

Debate Coach, Harvard Debate
Debate Coach, Lakeland Schools
International Programs Consultant, National Forensic League (US)
Consultant, National Forensic League of Korea (ROK)
Consultant, Dipont Education Management (China)

(C) 781-775-0433
(F) 617-588-0283
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