[Ndca-l] Golden Desert Roomshare

Megan Johnson johnsonmegan
Sat Jan 12 20:54:31 EST 2013

Hi everyone!

Iowa City West is sending one policy team, one boy and one girl to the
Golden Desert tournament in Las Vegas in February and we are looking to
save money as our budget is getting very tight.  We are staying at the
Fairfield Inn airport hotel Friday night through Sunday night.  Is there
anyone who would like to room share at that hotel?  We could take one of
your boys in exchange for you taking our girl (or vice versa) and it'd
require no money transaction.  Alternatively, if anyone has room for either
one boy and/or one girl and would be willing to allow my kid(s) to stay
with your team, ICW could reimburse you for part of the room(s).


Megan Johnson
*Iowa City West High School*
*Social Studies Teacher*
*Director of Speech & Debate*
johnsonmegan at gmail.com
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