[Ndca-l] Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin: Next Year Announcement/Winners/Feedback

Christina Tallungan tallungan
Sat Nov 9 15:55:21 EST 2013

Hello everyone -

Thank you all for joining us this year. We hope that you, your staff, and
your students had a great experience last weekend.

*(1) Congratulations to all the winners of the USC Round Robin and the
First Annual Damus Hollywood Invitational -*
USC RR Champion: Elliott Kovnick and Julia Goldman, Rowland Hall
(Salt Lake City, UT)
USC RR Runner-up: Arya Kaul and Ayush Midya, The Harker School (San
Jose, CA)
USC RR Top Speaker: Arya Kaul, Harker School (San Jose, CA)

Damus Hollywood Invitational:
Varsity Policy Champion: Mike Demers and Ben Iuliano, Bishop Guertin
(Nashua, NH)
Varsity Policy Runner-up: David Munoz and Javi Reyes, Damien (La Verne,
Varsity Policy Top Speaker: Mike Demers, Bishop Guertin (Nashua, NH)
Novice Policy Champion: Amy Lin and Carlo Ho, Head Royce School (Palo
Alto, CA)
Novice Policy Runner-up: Samantha Xiao and Tristan Harper, College
Preparatory School (Oakland, CA)
Novice Policy Top Speaker: Samantha Xiao, College Preparatory School
(Oakland, CA)

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Champion: Akhil Jalan, Palo Verde Peninsula High
School (Palo Verde, CA)
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Runner-up: Katie Homes, Immaculate Heart (Los
Angeles, CA)
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Top Speaker: Akhil Jalan, Palo Verde Peninsula High
School (Palo Verda, CA)
Novice Lincoln-Douglas Champion: Atul Jalan, Palo Verde Peninsula High
School (Palo Verde, CA)
Novice Lincoln-Douglas Runner-up: Cameron Hendrickson, Immaculate
Heart (Los Angeles, CA)
Novice Lincoln-Douglas Top Speaker: Atul Jalan, Palo Verde Peninsula High
School (Palo Verde, CA)

*(2) Next Year's Dates and Announcements - *
Second Annual Damus Hollywood Invitational will be November 8-10, 2014
(Onsite Registration on November 7th). Registration will open on August 1st
for the Damus Hollywood Invitational on Tabroom.com and we are deciding on
an appropriate invitation process for the USC RR next year (it will be
announced in the Spring). Please mark your calendars to join us again next

We will continue to have *iPad Mini's for the top speakers* in both LD and
policy in novice and varsity.

Also, *David Damus generously offered to donate all entry fees to reduce
costs for schools competing next year.* There will continue to be entry
limits in all divisions and there will be a stringent drop policy next year
to ensure we can service as many teams as possible with free entry fees.

*(3) Feedback -*
Please give us some feedback to help improve our event (including the USC
RR). There is a short survey here:

Please share this survey with your students and staff so that we can obtain
a wide range of feedback for improvement.

Thank you and hope to see you all next Fall!

Best wishes,
Mike Bietz, Director of Debate, Harvard-Westlake
Gordon Stables, Director of Debate, University of Southern California
Christina Tallungan, Director of Debate, Notre Dame High School
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