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Mike Shackelford mikeeshackelford
Thu Apr 3 01:01:45 EDT 2014


As an NDCA Member, you are invited to officially vote in the annual NDCA
Awards selection process. Please take a moment to evaluate the list of
deserving nominees for "Educator of the Year" and "Tournament Host of the
Year." *You can vote by simply replying to this email with your
selections*(no excuse not to vote!)

NDCA Awards Ballot:

1. Educator of the Year

*This award honors a coach who demonstrated excellence in fulfilling the
educational mission of the NDCA. Please vote for ONE (1) of the following
nominees. *

   - Jonathan Alston, Newark Science High School, NJ

   - Sara Sanchez, Lexington High School, MA

   - David Smith, Highland High School, UT

2. William Woods Tate Jr. Tournament Host of the Year

*This award honors a tournament that provides outstanding hospitality and a
high quality tournament experience for the debate community. Please vote
for ONE (1) of the following nominees. *

   - The Glenbrooks, Chicago, IL

   - JV & Novice Nationals/Woodward, Atlanta, GA

   - The Meadows, Las Vegas, NV

   - Mid-America Cup/Valley High School, West Des Moines, IA

*Your vote (an email reply) is due by April 8th.* If you would like to send
me a few words on why the nominee received your vote, please do. It will
make the award presentation much more meaningful and the nominees always
appreciate the kind words.

Awards will be presented at the 2014 NDCA National Championship Tournament
hosted by Weber State University in Ogden, UT on Sunday, April 13th.

Hope to see you there,
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