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The Chicago Debate League is hiring programming staff.  Please pass along
the attached job postings to anyone you think might be interested.

*(i)   Program Officer for Operations*

This is a full-time position, beginning June 1st, working with about 80
schools, 150+ debate coaches, 1500 students, 35 debate tournaments during
the 2014/15 school year, and working in a programming staff of three
full-time, three part-time employees.

Job posting:

The Chicago Debate Commission (CDC) seeks a qualified candidate to join its
programming staff, working in a variety of fields central to the CDC's
mission of bringing rigorous and engaging academic debate opportunities to
public school students in Chicago.  The CDC facilitates, promotes and
manages academic debate programming in 78 public schools in Chicago, and
runs the Chicago Debate League, one of the nation's leading Urban Debate
Leagues.  The Program Officer for Operations will work full-time from the
CDC's downtown offices.

*Job Description*

The Program Officer for Operations will work with other programming staff
members, including the Program Officer for School Support, and will report
to the Director of Programming.  The Program Officer for Operations will
conduct a variety of academic debate programs, involving all four high
school conferences in the Chicago Debate League, and all three conferences
in the Chicago Middle School Debate League.  The Program Officer for

   - Maintains school, coach, judge, student, and all other programming
   - Updates, revises, and upgrades the Chicago Debate League website
   - Manages and posts all reporting notebooks - e.g., Tournament Reporting
   Notebook, Professional Development Reporting Notebook, Qualitative
   Assessment Reporting Notebook
   - Manages tournament registration
   - Assembles and publishes tournament results and Medal Count
   - Maintains and keeps current all email listservs
   - Manages the coach incentive, compensation, and stipend payment systems
   - Manages all programming tracking forms and data systems, including the
   Qualitative Assessment Project database
   - Manages the tournament hosting process
   - Conducts site visits in advance of tournaments to ensure host site
   - Directs tournament tab rooms on tournament weekends
   - Trains and communicates with tournament operations staff
   - Performs site visits to schools to work with coaches to assist them in
   building their debate programs
   - Communicates with coaches by email, phone, and text to assist them in
   building their debate programs
   - Develops and posts coaching and instructional resources to further
   debate program building throughout the league
   - Conducts selected teacher and coach trainings
   - Develops resources and materials for training and instruction of CDL
   and CMSDL coaches
   - Develops and executes plans to increase the pool of tournament judges
   and supports judge recruitment
   - Manages coach and instructor compensation and incentive payments
   - Recruits and supports coach training volunteers
   - Assists in the management of the Chicago Debate Summer Institute;
   - Fulfills other assignments and projects, as issued by the Director of


   - B.A. or higher degree with strong academic record
   - Extensive experience in current high school cross-examination policy
   - Exceptional organization and project management skills
   - Demonstrated high level of detail-orientation
   - Effective time management skills and ability to manage multiple
   projects and tasks simultaneously
   - Capacity to execute projects to specifications, while also
   demonstrating initiative, problem-solving skills, and self-direction
   - Passion for the urban debate mission and the educational justice
   objectives of the Chicago Debate League
   - Ownership of a vehicle and/or willingness to ride public
   transportation to high schools and other sites
   - Experience in urban education - non-profit, administrative, or
   classroom - is a plus
   - Willingness to work evenings/weekends where necessary - total working
   hours will be 40-50, but hours will not always be "9 to 5"
   - Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills

*Additional Information*

Compensation commensurate with experience.

Candidates passing an initial screening will be interviewed by the staff of
the Chicago Debate Commission.

The Chicago Debate Commission is seeking a commitment of at least two years.

The Program Officer for Operations position may begin June 1.

The Chicago Debate Commission is an equal opportunity employer.

Submit your c.v. and a cover letter, via email to:

Les Lynn

Director of Programming

Chicago Debate Commission

 (e) leslynn at chicagodebateleague.org

*(ii)  Chicago Debate Summer Institute Instructor -- Senior and Junior*

The CDSI is July 28 - August 8.  Senior Instructors have a college degree,
junior instructors have a high school diploma.  Senior Instructor pay is
$2,000 - $2,250, Junior Instructor pay is $700 - $800.  Please contact me
for details.



Les Lynn
Chicago Debate Commission
200 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1040
Chicago, IL  60604
(o) 312-300-3442
(c) 312-848-2271
(w) chicagodebateleague.org
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