[Ndca-l] Job opportunity for your debaters

Nicole Wanzer-Serrano nicole.serrano
Thu Feb 13 18:25:19 EST 2014

Hello folks,

I'm just the messenger on this - Ccuple of former debaters I worked with
have started this company. Their staff is quite good. The opportunity below
is a great way for some debaters to make some extra money around the
demands of competing in debate. Please pass on your team.

inGenius Prep <http://www.ingeniusprep.com/>---an expert admissions
counseling service for aspiring college students---is seeking to hire
campus representatives from colleges and high schools across the country.
inGenius was founded by two former policy debaters, and they would prefer
to hire young debaters to spread the word.

The compensation is generous and your workload will be quite manageable.
Responsibilities include: <1.5 hours of reviewing training materials and a
few social media posts and e-mails per week to school groups and
organizations. You will be paid $10 per client that signs up, and a
percentage of any money that person spends on our services. Some of
our representatives
have made several hundred dollars per month.

All you have to do is spread the word. We provide you the marketing
materials, and you disseminate them from your couch. Our incomparably
qualified team sells itself --- we boast 50+ former admissions officers
from the most competitive schools around the country (including Harvard,
Yale, Stanford, and Columbia) in all of our divisions and top student
coaches from the best graduate programs in the world.

Please contact campusreps at ingeniusprep.com to inquire about available
positions and get started ASAP!

Nicole Wanzer-Serrano
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