[Ndca-l] NDCA National Championships now open for registration

Timothy Mahoney pacedebate
Fri Feb 21 13:20:13 EST 2014

The NDCA National Championships are now open for registration at


The tournament will take place April 11-14 with registration and a
reception for coaches Friday night. Competition will start Saturday

Entries in LD and Public Forum are on a first come first serve basis until
80 entries are reached. If 80 entries are reached before April 1 the
tournament director will announce that there are only 20 spots left in LD
and qualified entries will have 5 days to enter. After five days, entries
will again be accepted on a first come first served basis until the maximum
of 100 entries is reached.

Congress entries are first come first serve until we reach the maximum of
100 entries.

Each NDCA member school is invited to bring one policy debate team and gets
one additional team for every team that has at least 500 Baker points. So,
if your school has zero teams with 500 points you get one team. If your
school has one team with at least 500 points you get two teams. If your
school has two teams with at least 500 points you get three teams, etc. If
you have questions about your team(s) Baker points email policy tournament
director, Tim Mahoney (pacedebate at gmail.com) with the teams you are
interested in and what tournaments they have attended this year.

This year's event will be hosted by Weber State University who received
rave reviews for their hosting of the NDT. We are confident that the Weber
State debate team will make this year's event truly special. We hope you
can join us in Ogden.
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