[Ndca-l] Boston Debate League hiring

Nicole Wanzer-Serrano nicole.serrano
Fri Feb 28 08:47:04 EST 2014

The Boston Debate League has three new positions it is hiring for. Director
of After-School Programs, After School Program Manager, and Evidence Based
Argumentation Coordinators.

http://www.bostondebate.org/about-us/new-job-opportunities/ and attached

For questions, please contact
Veronica Switzer
Talent Acquisition Manager
Boston Debate League
31 State Street, 10th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02109
veronica at bostondebate.org
617.936.3378 (office)

The Boston Debate League (BDL) is a non-profit organization that works in
partnership with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) to support academic debate
teams in Boston public high schools and middle schools and train BPS
teachers to use debate as part of their classroom practice. The BDL brings
together an active community of students, teachers, administrators, and
community leaders devoted to improving education and the life skills of
urban youth in Boston. The BDL's mission is to measurably improve students'
academic achievement and their expectations of themselves by engaging as
many Boston public high school and middle school students as possible
through academic debate.

The BDL's focus is to go deep in BPS schools, building large debate teams
and supporting all teachers in a school as they use debate and
argumentation to transform the academic atmosphere and expectations in
their classrooms. Results have shown that a classroom with five students
able to engage in a ninety-minute debate using sophisticated evidence from
academic journals and reports, that is led by a teacher committed to
challenging all students to analyze texts, produce creative arguments, and
engage each other in discussion over class content every day, is
fundamentally different from classrooms with no debaters and a curriculum
that relies on self-guided worksheets, lectures, or traditional drills to
guide student learning. The BDL's long term vision is to promote and
support entire schools made up of these classrooms and an entire system
made up of those schools.

Due to the success of the BDL over the past five years, the Boston Public
Schools has increased its financial investment ten-fold to the current
level of approximately $500,000 for the academic year 2013-14. This support
has enabled the BDL to expand from one full-time staff member to 10, grow
the After School Debate League (ASDL) from 25 students to over 850 and over
500 volunteers, and to expand the Evidence Based Argumentation (EBA)
professional development program from 25 teachers to over 400.

Nicole Wanzer-Serrano
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