[Ndca-l] Organizational Information, part 2.

Johnston, Nathan johnstonn
Mon May 19 14:29:58 EDT 2014

Hey everyone,

I had a good amount of turnout for this survey the first time I sent it out. Additionally, people seem very interested in having access to this data. I am compiling it as I receive it, and will send it out to people that ask. I want to take this opportunity to ask more of you to participate. Below are the questions. We would all appreciate it if you took the time to help us out!

What is the size of your program?
What events do you participate in?
How many tournaments do you attend per year?
What is your annual operating budget (approximations are fine)?
How many full time coaches do you have?
How many part time coaches do you have?
What is the pay range for your full time coaches?
For your part time coaches?
If asked, may I share your answers (excepting personal information of course)?

Nathan Johnston

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