[Ndca-l] Going paperless?

Nicole Wanzer-Serrano nicole.serrano
Mon May 19 15:49:08 EDT 2014

Hi all,

We've been very lucky to be able to supply our students with expandos and
tubs from teams who have made the move to paperless debate. If you are
currently making that move - or just have some pesky old accordians and
tubs laying around - we'd love for you to consider sending them to us.
You'd be saving us countless dollars!

Dallas Urban Debate works with about 40 high schools and middle schools and
provide programming to almost 1,000 Dallas Independent School District
students. We've had a lengthy wait list of students and schools this year
(Only about 600 of our students were able to compete at tournaments). We're
in a capacity campaign - your help with supplies would help with that.

For info about mailing address, etc please contact either Nicole
Wanzer-Serrano at nicole at dallasurbandebate.org or Derek Liles at
derek at dallasurbandebate.org


Nicole Wanzer-Serrano
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