[Ndca-l] Harvard-Westlake Debates & Oakwood PF Registration

Bietz, Michael mbietz at hw.com
Thu Nov 3 02:26:06 UTC 2016

Registration is now open for The Harvard-Westlake Debates. Please visit hw.tabroom.com<http://hw.tabroom.com/> to register.

Thursday January 12 & Friday January 13: debateLA Round Robin (please contact me if you have someone that should be considered for an invitation).

Saturday, Sunday, Monday: LD (N & V), Policy and World Schools.

Monday: MSPDP Tournament

Monday: A Public Debate on Civil Rights to Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Topic will be Education & Civil Rights. Information about last year’s great event can be found at hwdebate.org/mlk

Oakwood School, near HW, is hosting a Public Forum tournament over the same dates. You can register at oakwood.tabroom.com.<http://oakwood.tabroom.com/>

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