[Ndca-l] Update on Blake tournament

Shane Stafford sstafford at blakeschool.org
Tue Nov 15 16:03:36 UTC 2016

Good morning

An update on the Edie Holiday Debate Tournament hosted by Blake Debate.

The Hyatt has indicated that while they normally give me up to five floors
of rooms for debates (150 rooms) they are sticking with my contracted
amount of 120 rooms.  So I need everyone who plans to attend to get in
their entries as soon as possible.  And anyone not coming please remove
their entries.  Is this a crisis?  No, I don't think so.  In the past we
have allowed the registration to swell to the 150 rooms and then it
normally shrinks back to 120 to 135.  But this means it will be tight and I
may for the first time have to turn people away.  I am negotiating with the
Hyatt for another 15 rooms but I don't want to commit to 135 rooms and pay
for those then be back at 120 rooms like last year.  Bottom line I will
have to watch registration and entry much closer than in past years.

So, please enter now if you want to come and please drop teams if you don't
plan to attend.

Also, again a reminder.  Monday December 19 we will be hosting the first
annual "Diversity and Inclusion in debate and in the classroom"
conference.  We are looking for this conference to discuss these issues
both in debate but also in the classroom.  I anticipate that we will be led
by both debate folks and classroom teachers from the Minneapolis area.  I
welcome suggestions for what you may want to discuss.  I'm in the middle of
planning the conference now but we are open to suggestions.

thanks -- Shane

Shane Stafford
Director of Forensics
Speech and Debate
The Blake School
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