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*Lakeland Times Square PF Round RobinMarch 2, 2017*

*Location*:  E41 & Lexington, Two Blocks from Grand Central Station and a
few blocks from Times Square, Offices of Dipont Education Management

*Fee:* All teams will be asked to contribute $100/team to the NYC Urban
Debate League.  The costs of the tournament will be paid by Dipont and
Millennial Speech & Debate.  NYCUDL can directly invoice you.

*Total Teams & Schedule:  *Ten teams will be selected, with the teams
debating in two pods of 5.  The top two teams will advance to the finals.

8am – R1, pod a

9am – R1 pod b

10am – R2 pod a

11am – R2, pod b

12pm – R3, pod a

1pm – R3, pod b

2pm – R4, pod a

3pm – R4, pod b

4pm – R5, pod a

5pm – R5, pod b

6:30 – Finals

8pm – Dinner @ nearby restaurant

*Application Process*

We will take applications until December 15.  Accepted teams will be
notified December 19th.

*Decision-making Process*

Teams will be selected by Stefan Bauschard, Brian Manuel, and Janna White
based on competitive success and gender, racial, socioeconomic, and
geographic diversity.


We will have a strong and diverse judging pool..  Depending on the topic
and availability, we look to add an area expert.


We will default to the February topic.  There are many things to debate at
the moment, so *if there is a consensus among all selected and confirmed
participants to debate a different resolution* we will do so.  If there is
no consensus we will use the February topic.

*Tournament Participation*

RR participants are expected to debate in the Lakeland tournament March 3rd and
4th.  Lakeland uses the February topic.


With 10 teams, there are not enough people to contract with a hotel, but
currently on Expedia there are many rooms for less than $200, which is
great for New York City.


Stefan Bauschard

Co-Founder, Millennial Speech & Debate / Global Academic Commons
millennialsd.com / globalacademic.org
Debate Coach, Lakeland Schools
International Programs Consultant, US National Speech & Debate Association
Consultant, Dipont Education Management (China)

(C) 781-775-0433
(F) 617-391-3067
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