[Ndca-l] FYI - Southwest group tickets now enforcing the 72-hour name change restriction

Lexy Green lexy at thecollegepreparatoryschool.org
Wed Oct 26 17:58:13 UTC 2016

In the past, Southwest never enforced the contract provision prohibiting
name changes less than 72 hour prior to departure. Starting last Friday
they have begun enforcing this rule. This is a major, unannounced change
that makes flying Southwest groups far less advantageous than it has been
in the past.

There is, apparently, no flexibility regarding this policy. They insist it
is a legal requirement (TSA), but that cannot be true because other
airlines allow last minute name changes for group tickets (though they tend
to charge $100 for them).

So...consider yourself warned.

Lexy Green '81
Director of Debate
College Prep, Oakland
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