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Tara Tate ttate at glenbrook225.org
Thu Sep 8 13:23:18 UTC 2016

Hi everyone!

I am cleaning up and continuing to add to the China Curriculum Materials
folder that was started last Spring.  Thanks to everyone that contributed.

If you have new materials (either from your time at camps, the start to the
new school year), please feel free to add them now or later.

The link to the Dropbox is here - I believe it is open for anyone with the
link to view, edit, upload.  Please just don't delete or edit any files
that are there already.  :)



Tara L. Tate
Social Studies Department - Glenbrook South HS (IL)
Assistant Debate Coach
What am I currently reading?  *The New Jim Crow:  Mass Incarceration in the
Age of Colorblindness *by: Michelle Alexander
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