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Tue Feb 21 18:28:25 EST 2017

Michael Greenstein asked me to post this ---

***Unofficial job announcement***

Glenbrook North High school, located in Northbrook, IL, has an anticipated
full-time opening in the social studies department for the 2017-2018 school
year. Depending on the background of the selected candidate, this job could
range from teaching all social studies to a mix of social studies and
debate. Minimum qualification for this position would include, but is not
limited to holding or the ability to acquire an Illinois teaching license
by time of employment.

Full-time teaching positions provide an extremely competitive salary.
Additionally, if the selected candidate is qualified to coach debate, a
generous assistant debate coach stipend may be available as well.

Candidates that do not hold a teaching license may also inquire about other
anticipated positions at the school that have competitive salaries for like
positions. All full-time positions at the school come with an excellent
benefits package.

Interested applicants with a debate background should send a resume and
questions to Michael Greenstein atMichaelBGreenstein at gmail.com (please make
clear if you hold a teaching license) and all interested applicants should
view the official job announcement on the District 225 website and apply
through the District 225 website:


Megan Johnson
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