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Sorry, I didn't reply all.

Here's my response to Travis:

Hi Travis,

Good question, and one Georgia has grappled with while I've been coaching

I don't know about the NDCA specifically, but in terms of tournament
scheduling generally, tournaments often do Saturday/Sunday/Monday for two

1. Building Availability. It's relatively easy to get classrooms in schools
(high school and college) on Saturday and Sunday. It's near impossible to
get them on a weekday. By hosting Sat/Sun/Mon, the tournament moves to the
hotel for later elims on Monday when they don't need very many rooms. It's
rare (and very expensive) to find a hotel that can fit a whole tournament
worth of classrooms, rather than just late elims.

I'm imagining NDCA would really struggle to find either high schools or
colleges that could offer ~100 rooms on a Thursday and Friday.

2. Missed School. With the current Saturday-Monday format, teams that
wanted to miss the least amount of school could leave Friday evening and
come back Monday evening, missing only one day of school (Monday).

Switching to Thursday/Friday/Saturday for the competition would mean two
missed days (Thursday/Friday). I do think a lot of schools fly out during
the day on Friday or back on Tuesday, though, so I'm guessing #1 is the
real sticking point.

Hope that helps — I'm privy to the NDCA conversations, but those were the
main issues Georgia considered.


Woodward Academy

On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 11:00 AM, Timothy Mahoney <pacedebate at gmail.com>

> Thanks to Maggie for explaining some of the underlying rationales for the
> current schedule. Having been the tournament director for several years let
> me answer the questions about the process for change. Our tournament
> procedures specify possibilities for amendment. I will paste those in
> below. The current procedures have a recommended schedule but that schedule
> doesn't specify what day the tournament would start/end. It would be a
> logical spot to place an amendment that required the tournament not to have
> competition on Sunday.
> One thing to keep in mind is that tournaments hosts for the next few years
> have already been selected and for 2018 (Marist) the hotel contract has
> already been signed.
> Here is the section of our tournament procedures that specifies how the
> document can be amended:
> Amendments
> This document may be amended in any of the following ways:
> 1) By a simple majority vote of the board.
> 2) A member of the NDCA that is not a board member may submit a written
> request for amendment to the NDCA President at any time. If said written
> request includes the signature of 10 or more members of the NDCA the NDCA
> President should, within one week, submit the amendment to the board to be
> voted on. The amendment is approved if a simple majority of the board votes
> in favor. If the amendment fails to receive a simple majority of board
> votes the person submitting the amendment may attempt to include more
> signatures. If the amendment is resubmitted with signatures of more than
> half of the NDCA membership within one year of the boards rejection of the
> amendment then the amendment is approved without a board vote. For the
> purposes of this procedure "half of the NDCA membership" will be determined
> by dividing the number of NDCA members on the day the amendment is rejected
> by the board and divided by two.
> 3) These procedures may be amended by a simple majority vote of the board
> consistent with voting procedures as specified in the bylaws.
> Let me know if you have any other questions.
> Thanks,
> Tim Mahoney
> Director, 2017 NDCA National Championships
> On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 2:25 PM, Dahle, Travis R <Travis.Dahle at k12.sd.us>
> wrote:
>> Hello Coaches,
>> Has there ever been a discussion about moving the NDCA dates away from
>> the Saturday-Tuesday format? The reason I am asking is that schools like
>> mine can never come to the NDCA because of State rules against competing on
>> Sundays. This takes out not only my school, but our entire state as well as
>> several other states that have the same rules.
>> What would it take for the tournament to move to a Wednesday through
>> Saturday tournament? Is that feasible and if so, what would that process
>> look like?
>> Thank you for your thoughts on this for future NDCA Nationals.
>> Travis Dahle
>> Sioux Falls (SD) Washington HS Debate
>> Travis Dahle
>> Washington High School
>> Speech & Debate
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