[Ndca-l] 501 (c) (3) debate organizations and summer camp scholarships

Eric Oddo eriodd at d219.org
Wed Nov 8 10:25:01 EST 2017

Debate Colleagues,

As my school district implements new procedures after a district-wide
audit, they are making all parent groups, boosters, etc. become 501 (c) (3)
organizations. One of the things that has come up is how to deal with the
ban on "self-dealings" mainly for summer camp scholarships. If Board
members have children who are still on the team and receive a scholarship
over the summer, it appears that could potentially violate the ban on
"self-dealings" per the IRS. If any of you have experience with this with
your own 501 (c) (3) organization for debate, it would be great if you
could email me with advice/guidance. My debate parents and I will be
meeting with an attorney shortly and I would like to provide them with
helpful information about the issue.

Thank you!


Eric M. Oddo
Head Debate Coach
Niles West High School
5701 Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 626-2870 (W)
(847) 626-3698 (F)
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